A Romantic Weekend in Herman, MO

At the end of February the hubby and I went on a romantic weekend in Hermann, Missouri. After bidding farewell to work early on Friday we made the three-and-a-half hour drive to this historic little town known for its wine and its German heritage. Here’s the fun we had and some ideas for you if you’d like to visit.

Historic Hermann, Missouri

Hermann is located along the Missouri River and has a long history routed in German heritage and wine that goes back to 1837. Seven vineyards are located in the area and produce over one-third of the state’s wine. Adam Puchta winery has been operating since 1855 and Stone Hill Winery is the largest winery in the state of Missouri.

It’s a tiny little town whose black hills, gorgeous views, and historic buildings make for a great romantic getaway.

Day one…

in Hermann began on our drive Friday night. On the way we stopped near Rolla, MO at the St. James Winery and Public House Brewery. We did a little wine tasting and started early by buying a couple of bottles of white and red, and a growler of beer. I recently bought my husband this amazing growler and he was so excited to fill it with Public House’s Revelation Stout.

We headed into Herman after the sun had set. We wound our way up the hills to the Springhill Suites, a privately owned group of suites sitting high over the town overlooking the river. The fog was thick and the road was dark, but that was part of the charm. Just a side note, there is zero cell service in Hermann, so we had no way into our suite as the innkeepers were not onsite and the door code was tucked away in an email. Hmmmm.

We headed down to the TinMill Restaurant, ordered a pint and asked if they had WiFi. No luck, but great atmosphere. It was getting to be about 9 o-clock and we had to get into our room, so we headed to the Bank Bar, a speakeasy with some great whiskeys and bourbons that used to be a bank and kept up the decor. Fortunately WiFi was available and we got our door code after a fun bit or exploring.

Once inside our suite we had to adhere to our weekend away rules. No electronics. It makes for a much more interesting time with a lot of relaxation. We did allow for the use of phones to listen to music, and by strange coincidence we heard so much Michael Jackson this weekend it was almost as if there was a theme we weren’t aware of. No problem with that, we both love MJ.

Day two…

found us getting up later and heading back down to town. Landon and I scheduled a bacon-making class at the Hermann Wursthaus. The class was a fun group of locals and out-of-towners that all shared in a love of all things wurst. After the class they served us some of the greatest food that can be found in Hermann. We had some Award Winning Bratwursts (that is the name of their brats and is true to form, they have won some of the most prestigious awards in Germany).

After eating entirely too much we took our homemade bacon, along with a lot of other brats and sausages we purchased and headed out for the day. A huge meal like the one we had along with a foggy and drizzling day was the perfect recipe for a nap, but we only had a weekend in Hermann, so that was out of the question. We went to Espresso Laine, a coffee shop and played some fun board games while we woke ourselves up.

Once a bit of caffeine started coursing through our veins we decided it was time to do some more wine tastings. We headed east out of town to Bias Winery about eight miles from Hermann. We were the only people there and a huge fire was burning in their oversized fireplace. The atmosphere was inviting, but the red wines were not much to our liking. The Vidal wine was so buttery and smooth, which was such a surprise to me as I normally dislike white wines. We bought one bottle and one pint of beer and were off to the next spot.

Oak Glenn Winery was packed and with the rain coming to a stop outside we wandered the giant patio before doing a tasting inside. We snapped the above picture to show just how gorgeous the fog rolling in was. Then we continued our tastings and went to Hermanoff Winery, one of our favorites from last year. After Hermanoff we had to hit up Stone Hill as it was the largest and most famous of all the wineries. We bought another six bottles of wine and were off to our suite to rest and get ready for dinner.

We followed some of the trails near the Springhill Suites into the woods overlooking the Missouri River. The rain had stopped and the views were gorgeous. Then it was time to shower and head out for dinner. We ended up eating at Black Walnut Bistro, a  restaurant with homemade pasta dishes. We had asked around to find out the best places to eat and everyone had recommended this place. We were so glad they did as our dinner was amazing. We headed back to The Bank bar for a nightcap.

After all this running around and wine tasting we were ready to head back to the room for a little bit of quiet scrabble and to bed early.

Day three…

found us packing up and saying a quick goodbye to our lovely suite. I already knew I was going to miss that retro fireplace. We went to breakfast at Harvest Table, then headed off to our very favorite winery of them all, Adam Puchta. Their wines are delicious, their grounds are lovely, and their staff really knows their stuff. We managed to pick out another six bottles of wine here. After Adam Puchta we headed back out to Bias Winery. Landon had been saving his growler for the perfect beer and he decided the Tripel at Bias was definitely the one. After filling up our growler we decided to head to the Tin Mill Brewery and have a beer tasting for a bit of a last minute change up. We played washers in the Brewery’s basement and I actually one a game or two. After inscribing our initials onto their chalkboard we finished up our tasting.

It was getting into the afternoon and although we knew we should be getting back we just couldn’t leave without one more stop at the Wursthaus for lunch. We had some more Award Winning brats and sauerkraut. This place was so good we went there twice in two days! After eating entirely too much food and tasting every wine it was about time to hit the road and head home. We were sad to leave the romantic and historic town, but were relaxed and refreshed after our weekend away.

We always have an amazing and romantic time in Hermann.

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