Welcome, PennyHarmony!

Welcome to the world, PennyHarmony!

Here we go, the beginning of another new blog. I know you’re probably tired of the oversaturation of the blogs out there and trust me, I feel your pain. Neverless, she persisted, so here is the FIRST official blog post here at PennyHarmony.

Let me introduce myself:

That’s me, my name is Katie and I am here to write about…

Well, just too many things to list right now. The focus of this blog will be about the journey my husband and I are on to begin our own homestead and gain financial independence.

While that may sound vague it’s rightly so because we are roughly five+ years(!!!) from beginning our own homestead. I want to document our lessons learned from day 1 and that’s where this blog comes in. We have a long journey ahead of us and I wanted to invite you all to join me on the way.

A little background about me, I live in southwest Missouri in a cute little house in the ‘burbs. It was built in 1973 and along with my husband of just over a year, Landon, we are fixing it up and making it our own.

“But Katie, how are you going to create a homestead on a tiny little 0.23 acre plot in the middle of the city?”

Oh don’t you worry, this blog will discuss in detail our plans to begin implementing the homesteading practices here that we can (gotta follow the law and all) and when it comes time, with the financial gains we can make, we are going to buy some land and take the plunge into raising and growing our own food and making money while we sleep.

So if you are interested in homesteading from the beginning, or even before the beginning officially begins, then you are going to love this blog. I can’t wait to tell you about all the plans we have, how we are going to achieve them and what we learn along the way.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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